The Case of the Elusive Sweet!

One of my best friends is a Bohri. And at his wedding, about 20 years back, I had eaten (among a whole host of other things) a sweet brought in from Surat. This was called Sagla Bagla. It was sheets of incredibly thin filo pastry covering a milk and nuts based sweet. The bland and crispy pastry shell with the not too sweet nut based concoction stayed in the memory. I had not managed to get hold of it till two years back. Each time I asked someone from Surat or other foodies, they had never heard of it. It was the stuff of legend where my Bohri friends were concerned, and since they had since migrated out of the country I had no further access to this sweet.

Then I had a few friends who moved to Surat and I had to go there for work. I mentioned this sweet to one of my yhounger friends and he was able to trace it with some difficulty and order some for me. None of my 6 friends in Surat had even heard of this till I mentioned it to them. The reason being that there is only one shop and one family which makes this particular sweet. And it is a labour intensive dying art. They have been making it for more than a 100 years now. The shop was established in 1901.

The photos here have the name and phone number of the shop. So it should be easier to get ahold of this now. I suddenly saw a tweet today from a food blogger friend, Annaparabrahma, and a FB post by her as well. Asking about this sweet which she had heard of from some Parsis. It awakened my dormant blogging instincts (which have never really recovered since the ease of use of dotMac went away). And I thought this post was essential.

Hopefully this gets my blog active again πŸ˜‰

The name and number of the shop is clearly seen. The box says kaju pista. So possibly they have different flavors? I need to go back and check it out. Jiggy, need to do this πŸ˜‰

This is sweet just after opening the box. Untouched. Pastry on top.

It is triangular in shape. So was the one I had eaten all those years back. And here is a pic showing the cut section. With the Kaju Pista mixture under the pastry shell.

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4 Responses to The Case of the Elusive Sweet!

  1. Anjali Koli says:

    Thank you PP! I owe you some fab seafood cooking now. So glad this knocked you out of the sabatical on the blog. This post deserves that love. It’s this wonderful world of blogging that has made this discovery possible. Manisha gifted me Bhicoo Manekshaw’s cookbook in which I read about Baglu as she calls this sweet. Found it fascinating and tweeted. It’s incredible that you had a pic and as always your generosity shines bright. Thank you for this post and the phone number. I am ordering soon. Looking forward to more such gems from you.

    • pprao says:

      Thanks Anjali. Although I had eaten it before, even I had a hard time tracking it down. Most of my friends in Surat did not know about it. One of them managed to track it down finally. That’s why I saved the photo in case someone else should want it.;-)

    • pprao says:

      And I will take that seafood cooking anytime πŸ˜‰

  2. Shruti Sridharan says:

    I was in Surat almost 10 years ago for a short project and someone introduced me to this insanely addictive delicacy. I even carried back some with me, but didn’t think of preserving the box or noting down details of the sweet or the shop. BIG mistake. I have craved it ever since, but literally noone knew anything about it! It’s crazy how such an amazing sweet dish is pretty much completely unknown, except for its very miniscule loyalists.
    I finally rediscovered the name thanks to your blog
    Thanks for documenting this. I hope more people discover this gem.

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