The Intrepid Gourmand is back!

Red Fish

The Intrepid Gourmand returns! Since Apple took down their dotMac service which used to host my blog, it has been tough to get back to blogging. All the more because in spite of repeated reminders from Apple for a year before taking down the site, I just neglected to migrate or even save the posts on the original blog. It was, of course, a lot easier to blog then using the simplicity of the mac interface. The primary credit for starting this up again should go to my friend, Sassy Fork, who has been pushing me to start writing again.

I have been traveling a lot over the last few years (my family can angrily attest to that) and since sight seeing for me primarily consists of restaurant menus, I thought it was worth documenting a few of the unusual things I have eaten as well as highlight some terrific meals I have had. You are unlikely to find a bad restaurant review on my blog, because I would not feel like writing about food I have not enjoyed. Dissing is best left to Facebook posts when responding to a friend. (and I do plenty of that!)

Intrepid means fearless and Gourmand is one who enjoys fine food but occasionally eats too much. The picture at the top is the one which was on the cover of my blog when it was hosted on dotMac.

In the last couple of weeks, I ate at two very different restaurants with such terrific food that I felt I should write these up and let people know about them. So these would be my first two posts. One is a small hole in the wall called Giri Manjas in Mangalore which has some of the best seafood I have eaten anywhere and the other is Gaggan in Bangkok which is deservedly one of the best Indian restaurants in the world (Actually the only Indian restaurant in the San Pellegrino list and the number 3 restaurant in Asia and Number 17 in the world!) I hope these posts are up by the end of the week with a bunch of food photos.

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2 Responses to The Intrepid Gourmand is back!

  1. Manisha says:

    So happy to see you started blogging again! Sure it will be very popular!

  2. Vinod CB says:

    Look forward to reading your blog……CeeBee

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