A City seafood shack – One of the greats!


I have been going to Mangalore all my life and there is a good food spot I had not eaten at yet. When a friend mentioned this place to me, I knew I had to try it out. My cousins were reluctant to take me there because it is a pretty small place where everyone sits on one side of a table, wedding style and the servers come and serve. This is one of the few Konkani GSB owned restaurants which serves that style of non-veg food. These are rare, even in Mangalore which has a few Veg Konkani places but only two of the non-veg ones. There are no other restaurants anywhere else that I know of, serving this non-veg cuisine.


The menu is written on a white board. The basic meal at the bottom, which is unlimited. And lots of seafood with local names. Anjal (Surmai), Nang (Sole), Bangude (Mackerel), Bondas (Squid), Silverfish (Motiale in Konkani, Velhe in Marathi), Buthai (Small sardines, Pedva in Marathi / Konkani). Pannaupkari is a very special Konkani fish preparation which goes well with rice and is red and spicy, similar but not the same as the Pulimunchi of the Bunts and Ambotik in Goa.


                                  Rice Plate                                                   Pomfret Pannaupkari

The basic meal consists of parboiled (red) rice, a fish curry (with a small fish), one vegetable (Tendli Kaju upkari the day we were there), one bean preparation (Konkani style), some veg pakoda and some dried shark chutney in the top left corner. In addition, they serve you sambhar or Konkani style tur dal (daali-tove, seen in picture) on the rice.

Surmai Bandas

Anjal Tawa Fry                                                     Deep fried Squid

The seafood is ordered on the side. The tawa fry comes with a coating of thick masala and tastes similar to the ghee roast famous in these parts. The deep fry is succulent. I have been to this place twice and ordered multiple plates of fry, and never has one been over or undercooked! The squids are the best I have eaten anywhere (not just in India) and the prawns and the sardines are done to perfection. The Prawns 65 was just about average and best avoided.

Prawnfry Prawn65

Prawns deep fry                                                        Prawns 65

Just a small shack on Car street in the heart of Mangalore, serving some of the most ambrosial seafood you will eat anywhere. Mangalore has some great food and very good restaurants but this is the standout if you like seafood. They don’t serve anything but seafood though. Be prepared to wait, but the turnover is high and the tables are communal. You sit on stools and the focus is on the food as it should be.

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